Vision, Mission & Goals


We will be a driving force, an Agency, aimed to establish a well-organized and strong “SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD TRAINING PROGRAM ON DRESSMAKING” and Feeding Program with preferred destination of building a new environment for the Homeless Youth, Less-Privileged children and Poor Families. We will grow to have beneficiaries, where we can create values for our communities and make a positive difference to the Poor Families and to rebuild their lives and working together with our partners for a better approach in designing projects that will focus on practical skills and productivity.


We are committed to develop vibrant “Sustainable Livelihood Training Program on  Dressmaking “and Feeding Program with lasting development spaces within communities that serve as a catalyst and landscape for new opportunities and a better life for the homeless youth, and Poor Families.

To build a stronger and more competitive Communities, in making choices that will help beneficiaries live productive and rewarding lives, and this will help improve the economic development problems of the communities through Sustainable Livelihood Training Program on Dressmaking and Feeding Program.


  • To provide additional avenues and platforms of learning that will help equip the Filipino youth and Poor Families in realizing their dreams and in performing their roles in the society.
  • To develop the homeless youth and Poor Families through moral and spiritual training, developing entrepreneurial skills that will give them a bright future instead of condemned  to a bleak outlook
  • Create an environment where government, private sectors and the young Filipino workforce are working hand in hand in propelling their common benefit.


  • Homeless Youth
  • Less-Privileged Children
  • Poor Families


(a)     Within Metro Manila