Organization is establishing the internal organization structure to focus on division, coordination, and control of tasks and the flow of information within the Agency. We intent to distribute responsibility and authority to job holders for effective management and accountability.

Organization is a work strategy for setting priorities that helps organization make the best use of it’s time. The process of getting organized requires that we work out a schedule for our research and development, work plans and others.


Administration is the process of managing every aspect of our services in order for it to maintain its growth or stability, depending on the overall goals of the organization. We have dedicated to work hard to ensure this take place and this will starts with lower management, and work its way through middle management to upper management. Administrative services Managers will plan, coordinate, and direct a broad range of services that allow organization to operate efficiently. They might, for example, coordinate space allocation, facilities maintenance and operations, and major property and equipment procurement.

They also may oversee centralized operations that meet the needs of multiple departments, such as information and data processing, mail, materials scheduling and distribution, printing and reproduction, records management. We will also work with different Administrative Services Managers that may specialize in different areas and report to Vice President Operations who oversee all Administrative services. The nature of these managerial jobs varies as significantly as the range of administrative services required by our organization.


Personnel/Human Resources Management and development involves all Management Decisions and practices that directly affect or influence the people, or human resources, who work for the organization. In other words, personnel and human resources management and development is concern with “people centric issues” in management.

Human Resources Management/Personnel functions include a variety of activities, and the key among them is deciding what staffing needs we have. Recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance  issues, and ensuring our Personnel and Management practices conform to various  regulations.

Our activities will also include managing our approach to employee benefits, records and personnel policies. We have to carry out these activities ourselves  and we should always ensure that employees have and are aware of personnel policies which conform to current regulations. Although both human resources management and personnel management focus on people management and our priority is to manage people to do what they have been assigned to do in our organization.


Our Personnel Management emphasizes will be much on leadership style which is very transactional and our leadership will be as a task-oriented person. Our Leadership will focus more on procedures that must be followed, punishment of non-performance and non-compliance of rules and regulations and to put figures and task accomplishments ahead of human factors such as personal bonding, interpersonal relationship, trust, understanding, tolerance and care. Our Human Resources Management will create leaders who are transformational. This leadership styles encourages our services objectives to be shared by both employees and the management.


Our pay policies in Personnel Management will merely based on skills and knowledge required for the perspective jobs only. The value is based on the ability to perform the task and duties as per the employment contract requirement only. It does not encourage value-added incentives to be paid out. This is also because the job design will be very functional, where the functions are more departmentalized in which each job falls into one functional department. This will merely known as division on labour based on job needs and skill possessions and requirement.

On our job design, we will create a new approach such as job rotation which is inter and intra-departmental based and job enlargement which will encourages one potential and capable individual to take on more tasks to add value to his/her job and in return enjoy added incentives and benefits.


As a Social Services Agency, our priority will be to develop at least basic skills in Financial Management. Our basic skills in Financial Management will strictly start in the critical area of cash management and book- keeping, which will be done according to certain financial controls to ensure integrity in the book keeping process. We will generate effective financial statements (from book keeping journal) and analyze those statements to really understand the financial condition of our social services.

Our Financial analysis: will show the “reality” of the situation of our programs and services. Effective Financial Management is one of the most important practices in management. This will help our supporters, donors, partners to understand basic practices in our financial management, and to build the basic systems and practice needed in a healthy services.

Sound Financial Management planning: is the cornerstone of every successful Organization. We would want to achieve our financial goals and to use the financial tools to make it happen, hence, we will be well on our ways to getting there.  In setting up a financial management system our first decision will be to manage our financial record perfectly. Clearly, our financial management will encompasses a number of crucial areas of our services. We will take time to set them up right. It will make a significant difference in the operation of our services.


Any person who values the success of his or her real estate investment should know the important of good property management. More importantly, we have decided to utilize property management services to make sure that, we would get the best return on investment for making good use of the organization properties. We will take care of our properties and to concentrate on other matters or investment. The job of property management is a complex one which is not only focused on providing a living space or apartment for a clientele/Beneficiaries. A property Officer or Manager would be appointed to handle all kinds of services for the properties of the organization. The Property Officer or the Manager will be the one who has the chief responsibilities of looking after the agency’s properties.

The objective of the supply management is to operate in a more dynamic type of supply management operation that corresponds to the expectant needs of the system’s consumers. The scope of the supply management would be based on action procedure and records management in accordance with the agency’s supply and services standard operation. These include physical goods as well as information, services and any other resources needed.  The main goals within supply management are to control costs, efficiently allocate resources and gather information to be used in strategic services decisions.


Modernizing the way we communicate is the key to improving our flexibility and our personal and organizational productivity. Preparing the foundation for this,we intent to manage our program to replace the current analogue phone system, which is reaching the  end of its natural life, and replacing it with a new modern ways of communicating to the public.

The new system provides the functionality required for the modern unified communications systems and services, starting with a new telephone handset.  Maximizing the potential of the new systems, we’re have to upgrade the capacity to cope with both the current and future increase in demand, moving to other form of communication to reach out and to meet up with our target.The information needs of the departments are the needs of individuals performing jobs and to imagine that the needs are identical when the jobs differ widely would be to obscure characteristics which are important for the design of information systems and services.


Personnel Management is based on careful handling of relationships among individuals at work and is the art of acquiring, developing and maintaining competent workforce so that the organization derives maximum benefit in terms of performance and efficiency. Our personnel management aims at attaining maximum efficiency and to yield maximum benefits to the organization. An ideal relationship between the working groups, between the employer and employee, is an indispensable part of the personnel management. This branch of management touches all types of management and is one of the major constituent key in managerial action and success.


The cooperation and cordial relationship amongst workers and beneficiaries, results in effective management of human resources in the organization unique task. Thus, personnel management is the nut and bolt of the organization. Therefore personnel have to cater two difficult tasks that require coordination and efficiency and that is workers, beneficiaries and work. On the effective cooperation of workers and beneficiaries entirely depends on the successful management of the organization.The total personnel management is attaining more and more importance not only because of the special nature of the human factor of production but also due to the rapid change in the management process and other technological advancements. It plays a very vital role in building a sound structure of the organization. The agency will be composed of paid staff and volunteers respectively.