About Us

Dreamhouse Social Services Inc. is a Non-Stock and Non-Government Organization set up to offer Social Welfare & Development Services to the hurting communities with special focus on “SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD TRAINING PROGRAM ON DRESSMAKING”, AND FEEDING PROGRAM for the Homeless Youth and Poor families within communities in Metro Manila.

This is also to assist the Government lessen or eliminate as much as possible these social and economic problems and also to develop the Homeless Youth, Less-Privileged Children and Poor Families’ moral and spiritual values to live a good life and become a productive citizen which is a commitment of our Agency in promoting and facilitating the Local economic and community development.

These Homeless Youth, less–Privileged Children and Poor Families as we can see, are of the human race and the future of tomorrow. As a Social Welfare & Development Agency, we cannot allow this to happen hence, our decision to make a commitment and to ask others to join in the effort to fight to reduce the level of poverty, and to find ways to provide affordable quality care to the disadvantaged homeless youth and Poor Families.

Our goal is:-To change the lives of these Homeless Youth, Less-Privileged Children and Poor Families and also in assisting them find solutions to their problems. We believe also that,this could be made possible by reaching out to multi-national organizations, Financial Institutions, Individuals, and global community to create partnership to engage in the challenging works of improving the conditions that caused Suffering and Poverty within Local Communities in Metro Manila.