Welcome to Dreamhouse Social Services Inc. Website and greetings from God’s family in Jesus Name. You are here not by accident or by coincidence but by God’s divine plan.

Note: Few years ago within communities in the country, as a Man of God, I found out that, these groups of homeless youth, Less-Privileged Children and Poor families has no good direction in life, some of which are dying of starvation e.g.  They had no shelter, no food, and no clothing and roaming around the streets, abandoned and homeless. Already these groups of people are destined to live in abundant life (John 10:10) in which most of their time, talent and energy will be spent in struggling over the basic issued of food, shelter, clothes, health and education.

They face a lifelong struggling; trapped within the economist “Vicious cycle of Poverty” this really affects the development of Local communities in the country as a whole. “Give someone a fish and one meal’s hunger is satisfied; but teach someone to fish and they are enabled to eat for the rest of their lives” and in reaching out to others.’

God bless you as you have decided to be of a great help and in supporting our Agency. You are created for His purpose and for a destiny that makes you significant and valuable as special person. God’s will for you is to prosper you in all areas of your life. “Don’t forget to do good and share what you have with those in need, for such sacrifices are very pleasing to God”. (Hebrew 13:16).

Remain blessed!

Pastor Robert Ita